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Nice that we found each other! I'm a professional presenter, TV producer and journalist with more than 10 years of experience in moderation, conception and implementation of national and international TV and web TV shows, events and trade fair appearances. I moderate in German, English and Italian. Let's work together to create the perfect online show! No matter if you plan a live stream, a (hybrid) digital conference, an online panel discussion, a digital showroom, a webinar, an e-learning or sales training - on digital platforms, we create interaction with viewers through chats, votes and emojimeters. And we create important content for your customers. That is real added value! From conception to moderation - the full service package for you and always individually tailored to your current situation.

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web tv anchorwoman Maxi Sarwas

Go digital! Think out of the box!

The uncertainty of employees and customers about the current business situation and the future is enormous at the moment. In my opinion there is a need for new forms of exchange. This is precisely why it is necessary to let conferences, management- or sales events continue to take place. Go online! Because web TV is your chance for seamless networking! What events could never do, Business Web TV does! The potential lies in directing new communication through all levels - with customers, sales representatives and employees! You can pick up ANYONE - you can reach ANYONE ... or just the ones you want. YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF! This offers undreamt possibilities for global corporate networking, for example for sales trainings or for the holistic communication of corporate content. Let's bring you online to your customers! Worldwide! Let us work together to develop new creative solutions and completely new, cost-saving approaches for your online presence with guaranteed success. You don't even need a studio or expensive camera equipment! If you are still looking for a suitable location, I have the right studio for you. This is your full service package for your success.

Be one step ahead!


Live and without a false bottom - like at a trade fair or event! While your product or your trade fair novelty is the focus, your viewers sit comfortably at home or in the office.


online magazine

You have something to say, so say it now! In an online magazine promotion videos find their place as well as interviews and news, regardless of whether they are produced in the studio or inhouse.


web tv talk

Regardless of whether it is an expert discussion with CEOs or external speakers - your massage will be transferred at eye level with the viewer, who can even join the discussion, for example via chat!



From order acceptance to delivery and service - exciting videos bring your company's USPs and your new products within reach! No trade fair and no event can do that!

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 Spread the word! Networking and exchange is so important. Be close to your customers and partners! Don't forego now to pass on your important massage and your news.

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Train your employees and partners. The internet, social media, YouTube and your homepage are now the first point of contact. Take advantage of the crisis!

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