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„The Central Launch Training demands high level requirements. Every day Maxi has to welcome and to say good bye to 200 participants from all over the world, always as if it would be the first time for her. The speech always has to be internationally highly standardized - split second timing! Maxi managed it professionally from the very first moment to fulfill this task while adding her bright personality and her refreshing way of presenting a complex line of business.

Our participants accepted her immediately and locked her in their hearts. 

Maxi represents the brand Audi absolutely authentically - because of this she became an inherent part of our team in the shortest length of time."


Thomas Ippendorf, Head of Audi Training Center and Head of Audi Forum Airport Munich


Trade fair 'Drupa' for Heidelberg:

"With Maxi the sunshine entered our hall. As a team in collaboration with our experts she managed it to explain complex engineering procedures and to get to the heart of our USPs."


Felix Becker, board of trade fair organisation, Heidelberg

AOK evening event, SOHO House Berlin:

"Thank you very much for making our event a real highlight. This was more then excellent! Your cleverness and great experience during the preparation and your eloquence, bright shining charm and your glam-factor made this evening event a very special day. It was a pleasure working with you and the evening in the SOHO definitely has become a remarkable event thanks to you."


Ursula Bletschacher, Marketing / Kommunikation, AOK 

Continental AG - CBS Convention:

"During the CBS Convention the Continental AG invites 150 managers and lean-specialists from Asia, North America and Europe. The presentation was very excellent, because Maxi managed it to win the attention of the heterogeneous community. 

With a quick wit Maxi Sarwas enabled e very focused and concentrated collaboration. Her eloquent appearance helped our convention to become successful."

Oliver Prause, Senior Vice President, Continental AG

WM (Wessels und Müller) Werkstattmesse Berlin und München:

"Thank you very much for making our exhibition so successful. Your presentation on stage has been always very charming and spontaneous. Thanks to you our live show became professionell and most of all thrillingly entertaining.

It was a pleasure working with you and we will always keep the exhibition in best memories. You did a professionell job and participated greatly in our event."


Ronald Nölle, Geschäftsführer, WM 


"Maxi was thrown in at the deep end in the truest sense of the word. After a quick briefing she understood our needs and implemented them perfectly while achieving the right balance between her lovely charm and competence.

A reliable communication was the major factor for us. Our costumer feedback underlined again that Maxi conduced a very big part to our success. We wish her all the best for the future and would be happy to work with her again."


Trade fair "VISION" - SVS VISTEK:

"With her refreshing way of presenting our Live-newsroom became a real highlight of this exhibition. After a quick briefing she adapted our specific technical jargon perfectly and conveyed our ideas with authentic charm. 

Our costumer feedback underlined, that thanks to Maxi, the visitors experienced the spirit of SVS-VISTEK GmbH with our live-news room.

Thank you very much for your excellent job and we hope to work with you again." 


Congress "VIDEOR Infotage":

"During our "VIDEOR Infotage" a professionel host should be the connecting part between the individual presentations


sollte eine professionelle Moderation das Bindeglied zwischen den einzelnen Vorträgen sein. Da unsere Kunden außerdem auch die Ausstellung und Partner auf Herstellerseite besucht haben, hatte die Moderation auch das Ziel uns als Veranstalter wieder in den Vordergrund zu rücken. Einen Profi wie Maxi Sarwas an der Seite zu haben, die es mit ihrem Charisma verstanden hat, das Publikum perfekt einzustimmen, war ein echter Gewinn. Unser Ziel eine durch und durch stimmige Veranstaltung zu organisieren hätten wir ohne ihr Mitwirken nicht erreichen können. Vielen Dank!"


Beate Meyer-Young, Leiterin Produktmanagement und Marketing Security, VIDEOR E. Hartig GmbH