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Maxi Sarwas

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My art of presenting:

It’s more than a job - it just gives you the freedom to do IT! 
As kids we all dream we could fly as high and as far as possible. Well, I figured it out...sort of! I’m an emcee and I can present also your complex line of business. This makes me one of your best partners! 
The secret behind it is the hosting technique: it brings a presentation to live! You can put a lot of power into a presentation but with the right technique, when you do it lightly, you’ll bring it to float! A good presentation is only as good as its presenter! Wrong words and the result can be...disastrous! I think the ultimate aim is always to break the standard for unforgettable memories. 
As a German emcee, I'm mind-, und bodyguard for my interview guests. I’m your basis and impetus for pioneering ideas, a creative motivator, a reliable partner, a point of reference on stage or in the studio as a source of ideas. Inspiring and inspired, respectful, attentive and sales-oriented. 
Let’s compete together as a team to be top dog! 

One of Germany's best professionell presenters

TV- and Radio presenter, Host for Web-TV, Trade fairs, Exhibitions and Events

You are looking for a presenter? You have found a passionate professionell host. Maxi Sarwas is hosting events and exhibitions, she works for TV- and radio stations. As a professionell presenter, beside of her On-Air work, she also hosts and designs many international Off-Air events and trade fairs.

Premium German Emcee

Maxi Sarwas is presenting premium events for premium brands such as Deutsche Telekom AG, Lufthansa, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Casio, Panasonic, Siemens, Sky, RTL interactive, ProSieben and the famous FC Bayern München.  

Your presenter in Munich

Her always charming, competent and confident way of imparting information makes her the perfect presenter even for your complex line of business.


Evening events, exhibitions and charity as well as open forums. 

Let your event become a special day - you have already found the perfect presenter!

Perfect Business Presenter

Maxi Sarwas is one of the best professionell presenters in Germany. She is hosting national and international premium events.  

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