Maxi Sarwas

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One of Germany's best professionell presenters

TV- and radio presenter, host for exhibitions and events

Premium costumers

Your presenter in Munich

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The art of presenting

It’s more than a job - it just gives you the freedom to do IT! 

As kids we all dream we could fly as high and as far as possible. Well, I figured it out...sort of! I’m an emcee and I can present also your complex line of business. This makes me one of your best partners! 

The secret behind it is the hosting technique: it brings a presentation to live! You can put a lot of power into a presentation but with the right technique, when you do it lightly, you’ll bring it to float! 
A good presentation is only as good as its presenter! Wrong words and the result can be...disastrous! I think the ultimate aim is always to break the standard for unforgettable memories. 

I’m Mind-, und Bodyguard for my interview guests. I’m your basis and impetus for pioneering ideas, a creative motivator, a reliable partner, a point of reference on stage or in the studio as a source of ideas. Inspiring and inspired, respectful, attentive and sales-oriented. 
Let’s compete together as a team to be top dog!