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Mercedes 'AMG Expert Talk'

The AMG Expert Talk the new web-TV format from Mercedes AMG. Is you may know AMG takes a lot of their ideas from the world of racing with Mercedes-AMG-Petronas. Maxi Sarwas shows you where all this innovation comes from, why AMG transforms it from the racing sport, what's so challanging in doing so and what are the major benefits for drivers of Mercedes-AMG-performance-cars. Maxi is accompanied by a round of experts who will talk about their topic in a clear and consise manner.

Maxi Sarwas Web-TV Moderatorin für Mercedes AMG


RexrothONAIR presents Green what?! In 2020 and 2021 Maxi presents 3 different live shows that are broadcasted to many countries all around the globe. It’s all about hydraulics. Mobile Hydraulics, Connected Hydraulics and Factory of the Future. During 1 1/2 hours the audience finds out what Bosch Rexroth offers beyond the classic hydraulics.

Web-TV Moderatorin aus Muenchen
Web TV presenter Maxi Sarwas

TFB Talk

Critical topics, controversial opinions and interesting insights behind the scenes: the meat and sausage market in Germany is complex - We take the time to get the latest information and background information. The TFB talk with Maxi Sarwas - About 'Wurst': Makers, people, opinions!


Web-TV Moderatorin aus München
Web TV presenter Maxi Sarwas

Torqeedo digital conference

Maxi Sarwas takes you through the new products and developments for electric mobility on the water.
Web TV Moderatorin aus Muenchen
Web TV presenter Maxi Sarwas

Stauff Global Livestreams I Sales Trainings


The cooperation with STAUFF is designed for the long term. In 2020 and 2021, Maxi Sarwas will moderate the Stauff Group's global livestreams on the topics of hydraulics and sales once a month.


Web TV Moderatorin aus Muenchen
Web TV presenter Maxi Sarwas

Digital EHUA Congress


Various experts are beeing interviewed in this web tv series by presenter Maxi Sarwas. They tell you what is special about Widex and what makes the unique Widex sound. In interviews with the moderator, they reveal what makes the new system series so unique and how the technology works.


web tv presenter from Munich
Web TV presenter Maxi Sarwas

Vaillant Talks


In this web TV series, the Munich web TV presenter talks to experts from the heating industry about modernization, sustainability and new heating systems.


Web TV presenter from Munich
Web TV presenter Maxi Sarwas